The wind is pursuing the leaves, and promises to take the leaves to see the wonderful world outside.

The leaves hesitated and asked for advice from the tree.

The tree says: If you don't leave, I won't give up.

One day, the leaves were moved by the wind, so I chose to drift with the wind.

The moment I left, it asked the tree: Why didn't you keep me?

The tree said: There is not only one leaf in the world;

It asks the wind: Why are you pursuing me?

The wind sincerely answered: Because there are no two leaves in the world.

The leaves are silent, the tree does not know how to love, or the wind is too persistent.

The tree asks the leaves: Why are you leaving?

The leaves are happy: because I want to see the world outside.

In fact, the tree loves the leaves too much, and it does not retain in order to satisfy the wishes of the leaves.

The wind asks the leaves: Why are you going with me?

The leaves are happy to say: Because you gave me fantasy and can satisfy me.

When the leaves looked at the world curiously, the wind stopped,

Then the leaves fell to the ground, and a car coming on the ground crushed the leaves.

The tree is very sad, he regrets that he has not retained the leaves, and does not hold the leaves tightly;

The wind continues to blow, it is not sad, because I am satisfied with you, you must also pay the same or even higher price.

It’s the leaves that don’t know how to cherish, or the wind is too ruthless.

We are all like this. We have to wait for a long time. We have to wait until we can't retreat. We only know what we have personally abandoned. In the days that followed, we will never meet again.